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Our fully decentralized data network is developed specifically to address the current needs of the blockchain community.
Goodbye Complex Public Wallet Key.
Hello $Digitalname

A single wallet ID to send and receive digital assets both cryptocurrencies and digital securities. Say "goodbye" to your complex wallet key, and say "hello" to a Digital Wallet Name backed by world-class financial blockchain security.

“Think GoDaddy For The Blockchain”

Series B Asset Backed Digital Security Offering
Minimum Investment
Tezos Blockchain
Price $1.00
Reg D 506 C Private Placement
Delaware C Corp
  • Series A round raised using a digital security
  • Global infrastructure network in place
  • Connected to over 250 blockchains
  • Generating revenues with all product service offerings: name sales, blockchain hosting, related network and application development services.
  • First to market with TIA/FCC compliant SCS 9001 compatible blockchain security solution
  • Partnerships with leading global standards organizations: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
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The Digital Names Opportunity

Over a hundred million consumers globally currently use eWallets

There are over 100 million digital currency trading accounts registered on the world's digital exchanges.

All currently use complex public keys for transaction settlement.

In 2019, worldwide consumers interacted with a digital wallet over 2 billion times per day.

How does this apply to you?

Your traditional banking is increasingly moving toward digital wallets and transactions. Because of the security and seamlessness blockchain provides this space, very soon payments will be processed almost universally through blockchain.

Digital wallets, and thus blockchain technology, are stacking together faster than you can say “hello” to the new wave of financial processing.

The stage has been set: Digital Names

  • In the same way the Domain Name System solved the problem of IP addresses, Digital Names now solves the problem of Public Crypto Keys.
  • This technology provides users the ability to create a “$DigitalName" where their cryptocurrency payments can be aimed at instead of a lengthy public address.
  • New companies and individuals entering the emerging blockchain financial system for the first time can now easily send and receive money from eWallets.
  • Digital Names are built on Total Network Service's (TNS) global decentralized network (TNS Blockchain is an active W3C community project).
Safe and Secure Platform
Your Digital Name is an alias for your public key and is built on top of existing blockchain networks. Triple level security ensures that all your information is protected. We will never ask for your private key.
Trusted Team & Technology
Digital Names Founder Frank Corsi was instrumental in the development of the world wide web in the early 90’s and helped to draft many of the internet top level domain protocols.

TNS Corp CEO Thomas Carter brings 25 years of Capital Markets Experience. Founding Chairman of DealBox, The World's First Digital Securities Issuance Platform.
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This offering is made available through DealBox, Inc.
For accredited investors only | To verify your accreditation click "Invest Now"
TNS + TIA: Securing the Telecommunication Supply Chain

TNS has signed a collaborative working agreement with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to create an enhanced blockchain security solution for all internet connected devices.

Key Facts:

  • Proprietary enhancement of TIA's already globally adopted MEID solution
  • Designed to meet FCC supply chain security standards
  • First to market with globally implementable solution
  • Patent filed

Our solution addresses multiple supply chain security requirements including counterfeit hardware, misappropriated services, software bill of material, malware prevention, software vulnerability management, system configuration management and more by automating the management of relevant metadata on an immutable blockchain platform.

TNS Blockchain - A W3C Project

We have been actively working to create new web standards for blockchain infrastructure.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. W3C standards define an Open Web Platform for application development which has an unprecedented potential of enabling developers to build rich interactive experiences.

Our brands

Our brands interconnect to form an end-to-end solution for most blockchain applications.

Digital Names has created the technology to convert the 30-50 character complex wallet public key into a Human-Readable, 
Easy-to-Remember format. Digital Names does for e-wallets sending or receiving any cryptocurrency what Domain Names did for the scale-up of websites on the internet.

Our global data network provides the tools to create and manage dedicated clouds, with the ability to host many vps servers and online devices. Our easy to use control panel makes it easy to add and remove servers and devices. Select from pre-configured server options such as Blockchain Node Server, Data Ports, Database Server and others.

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Investment round opens August 2021
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  • Doing what DNS did for websites
  • First of its kind blockchain security solution (Patent Pending)
  • W3C & TIA partnerships
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This offering is made available through DealBox, Inc.
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